• Hiring Solutions Kit

    Custom Developed for: New Pace Productions
    By: Kevin Downey & Associates

    Position: Digital Marketing Director

  • Hiring Solutions Kit Table of Contents



    A clear and concise job description outlining your needs and expectations for the position you want to fill. Any job, anywhere in the nation. It includes the specific skills, traits, and attributes you’re looking for in your next stellar hire.

    2 & 3


    Advice about which job boards deliver the most bang for your job ad. Recommended recruitment timeline and a budget for each job platform. Careful keyword analysis to ensure only the best, most focused keywords are used for the title and body of your ad.



    Custom job ad that is ideal for desktop and mobile devices. The end result? Responses from only the very best job seekers available.




    Bonus section of tips you can use to dominate the online job boards.

  • So, what's in a PERFECT job ad?

    Great question! View the slides to read more about how we craft a killer job ad just for you.

    WIIFM Approach

    Don’t forget: A job ad is still AN AD. It’s meant to be appealing and attractive to job seekers. This is the crux of the “What’s in it for Me” approach and the angle by which we write everything. Simply put, tell your candidates why your opportunity is THE BEST and you’ll get THE BEST applicants.

    Forumulated Structure

    All of our job ads are structured for ideal viewing on mobile, desktop, and tablet. A non-responsive ad is useless in our book - and in your job seeker’s book. We’ve zeroed in on a format that breaks through job post clutter, allowing your opportunity to shine front and center.

    Highly-Focused Keywords

    Through careful analysis, we’ve identified which keywords are the most effective for your ad. We make certain that these are strategically intertwined within your copy. This inevitably results in not just people finding your ad, but the RIGHT people. The ones who are perfect for the role, and vice versa.

    Dynamic & Descriptive Copy

    Last but certainly not least is the information we provide in your Perfect Job Ad. The story we tell about your company. We spotlight your achievements (and we know you have many), pluses about the role, while maintaining an honest profile of what an applicant can expect.

  • Job Description

    New Pace Productions is looking for motivated self-starters to join our team of creative professionals. We focus on producing high quality, unique, and inspirational videos for clients and brands.



    • Job Type: Digital Marketing, Social Media
    • Hours: Part-time; 20-25 Hours per Week (Business Hours)
    • Compensation: $17+/hr. plus Bonuses (Total Comp $20+/Hr.)
    • Equipment Requirements: Phone, Computer, High-Speed Internet
    • Required Experience: Digital Marketing, Google Adwords, Writing, Social Media
    • Location: Remote, Work from Home Office


    • Define and Executing Marketing Strategies
    • Manage Email Marketing Campaigns Using MailChimp
    • Monitor Status of Multiple Projects
    • Keep on Top of Social Media Presence
    • Follow-Up on Sales Leads and Past Clients
    • Google Adwords Management
    • Use Slack, Zoho, and Other Collaborative Communication Tools
    • Optimize Campaigns Across Multiple Online Channels (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, etc)
    • Identify Industry Trends to Inform Future Marketing Decisions



    Ability to Prioritize and Manage Multiple Projects; Thrives in an Entrepreneurial, Fast Paced Environment; Team Oriented; On Top of Trends in Social Media and Digital Marketing; Flexible and Resourceful with a Can-Do Attitude; Makes Collaborative Decisions; Highly Autonomous (We do not, and will not micromanage you!)

  • Job Board Strategy & Keyword Analysis


    Indeed and ZipRecruiter are our favorite online job boards. In our opinion, Indeed should always be utilized; ZipRecruiter sometimes. All other job boards - LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, CareerBuilder, Craigslist - should be considered based upon experience and comfort level with them. Our job ads are compatible any job board, and will copy and paste seamlessly.


    Industry-specific or “boutique” jobs boards like MediaBistro or StyleCareers certainly have their place. In some situations, these can outperform general job boards and should be used when your position absolute fits within their criteria.



    If we could have a hashtag, this would be it. Larger organizations with dedicated recruiting websites and videos should utilize Facebook, Google Adwords & YouTube on an ongoing basis. Advertising consistently through these websites can be extremely effective at a relatively low cost.


    Now for details on specific job boards we recommend...


    Indeed - Versatile, multi-purpose, and great for any position in any market. If job boards could be superstars, this is your go-to. Full control over budget, down to CPC (cost-per-click). An abundance of qualified applicants in a matter of days, especially when running ads nationally. For most one-time hiring needs, everything can be done on Indeed. No need to manage several postings on multiple job boards. If you only need to fill a few jobs in a few markets, Indeed is the way to go. It’s not necessary to pay for something larger scale when Indeed delivers a high volume of well-matched candidates.


    ZipRecruiter - Great full scale option if you’ve got a lot of positions to fill across multiple locations, however NOT nationwide. Has the capacity to effectively run many job ads per month in a variety of locations. If you have a need to run 10+ jobs per month, then ZipRecruiter makes sense.


    Final Recommendation: Indeed - The Digital Marketing Director position is remote and recruiting nationally; therefore Indeed is the only recommended job board.


    Campaign Length & Budget: 7 Day Ad Campaign; $50 to $100 Total Budget


    Keywords used to search for telemarketing roles are straightforward, and will all be incorporated into job ad:

    • Digital Marketing Director
    • Director of Digital Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Google Adwords
    • Email Marketing


    Title: Digital Marketing & Google Adwords Director (REMOTE) - $17+/Hr. plus Bonus

  • Job Ad

    NOTE: You can easily copy and paste directly from this microsite into the various online job boards. Note that there are two titles included with your job ad (below): The first is intended to be used as the actual title, whereas the second is to be included within the body of the ad itself. Should you have any questions, contact support at (913) 449-3860.

    Digital Marketing & Google Adwords Director (REMOTE) - $17+/Hr. plus Bonus




    Collaborative Digital Marketing Superstar Needed. Work from Home. $17+ per Hour.


    Want to be part of the team that’s pushing the envelope in creative video production? New Pace Productions is looking for a motivated, social media savvy Director of Digital Marketing. We create high quality videos that are professional, innovative, and nothing short of inspiring - which is exactly what we are looking for in our next addition to the team!

    • Job Type: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Google Adwords
    • Hours: Part-time; 20-25 Hours per Week (Business Hours)
    • Compensation: $17+/hr. plus Bonuses (Total Comp $20+/Hr.)
    • Equipment Requirements: Phone, Computer, High-Speed Internet
    • Required Experience: Digital Marketing, Google Adwords, Writing, Social Media
    • Location: Remote, Work from Home Office

    New Pace Productions Named “Videographer of the Year” at Best of the Main Line & Western Suburbs 2018 Readers' Choice Awards


    “I have worked with New Pace Productions for over 6 years now and the level of expertise and creative talent they have added to our nonprofit’s projects over the years is truly invaluable.” - Christy McCaffrey, Executive Director, Project Scleroderma




    New Pace Productions has its humble grassroots beginnings in 2007, when founders JC and Bill teamed up to combine their film and telecom backgrounds. Over the past decade, our agency has pioneered the boom of branded of digital content. We pride ourselves on:

    • Being a Group of Entrepreneurial-Minded Video Innovators
    • Having a Track Record of Proven Client Success
    • A Fun Work Environment that Fosters New Ideas
    • Continuous Year-Over-Year Growth Since 2007
    • An Impressive Client Roster with Features on Fox Sports, ABC News, Good Morning America, and More!

    Simply put, we produce cool stuff. Every single day. If that is for you, along with open-minded leadership, autonomy, and a fun, hard-working culture then you’re going to love working with us.




    A typical day with us involves anywhere from keeping up our social media presence, to managing Google Adwords, to following up on sales leads. We need someone who will roll up their sleeves and have a can-do attitude. No egos here. Just hard work and creativity.


    Keys for Success in this Role: Ability to Prioritize and Manage Multiple Projects; Thrives in an Entrepreneurial, Fast Paced Environment; Team Oriented; On Top of Trends in Social Media and Digital Marketing; Highly Autonomous (We do not, and will not micromanage you!)



    Finding the right applicants is our main focus in adding strategic additions to the New Pace team. Your success and your career matters. As much as we want to reach our company goals, we want employees to find financial and personal success working with us.


    Want to put your social media sense and digital media smarts towards promoting cutting-edge video? Then don’t press “pause” on this job. Let’s get you started now - apply today!


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